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Provincial Transport Authority (PTA) and Regional Transport Authorities (RTAs) constituted under Motor Vehicle Ordinance, 1965.

In the year, 1970. The Board of Revenue had managed the affairs of Transport sector till 2006.

In year 2006 Transport was separated from Board of Revenue and a new Department with the nomenclature of Provincial Transport Department was created.

Functions of Department

Issues inter Provincial route permits for contract carriage & stage carriages.

Issues route permits for public carriage i.e. Truck , Trailer and Oil  Tanker etc.

Countersigns the route permits issued by the other Provincial Transport Authorities.

Classify / Administer Inter Provincial routes in collaboration with the other Provincial Transport Authorities.

Fixe ratio of route permits on inter-provincial routes in  collaboration with the other Provincial Transport Authorities according to the distance in the province concerned.

Fix fare rates for Stage Carriages i.e. Buses and Mini Buses with the recommendations of Provincial Transport Authorities within the Province.

Countersigns / Extends the operational area of permits to other regions of the Province issued by other Provincial Transport Authorities / Provincial Transport Authorities for public carriages.

Secretary PTD is the Appellate Authority under Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965 ( U/S 66) and (Rule 96) of Motor Vehicle Rules 1969


Citizen-centric, Sustainable and Growth Oriented Integrated Transport System


Safe, Reliable, Affordable  and Efficient Transport for All


1.Provision of Decent Public Transport Services

2.Modernize Freight Transport

3.Provision of Facilities at Bus Terminals

4.Environment Protection by reducing Vehicle Emissions


Organizational Structure